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• Owl •

Drawn using paper for iOS
Project for a tattoo.

• Poster Design •

Probably the oldest bit of work I have, this is for one of the first projects I did in college.

We each had to come up with a clothing brand and create a logo/website/poster and a few promotional items…

A brand called Mustard clothing came out about a year after I did these to… Weird.


ON Light Design

Project for a light design company that already exists and are looking into a new identity.

The name ON was a group decision that we all had to go with, the design is my own.

The idea is that the element of the logo itself is related to ‘light’. Which is apparent in the ‘O’ which is made up of lines in different thickness representing gradient. Included in the brand identity is 1.Promotion Poster 2.Letterhead 3.Compliment Slips 4.Business Cards 5.Website and 6.Corporate Brochure


This is one of the first vector designs I did when I was at college, the main silhouette is of Pharrell Williams if I’m not mistaken. I wanted a cool design… can’t go far wrong with Pharrell. I used this as a cut-out stencil for a decal on my uni portfolio.