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Photo Set

· pαn the satyr ·

Given a week’s notice he (Pan) wanted a goat man with the words GOD PAN, originally. Changed it to I AM PAN… you’re not Pan.

*I’m not a tattooist… Just a man with a pencil… and some paper. And the internet*

I’d give praise to the tattooist but I don’t know who he is… he is in ‘Merica. That is all I know.


• R.C.S finished logo •


Almost done… Just an idea.


• Owl •

Drawn using paper for iOS
Project for a tattoo.


• Batman logo •

Drawn on the iPad with ‘paper’. Awesome app.


• Logo Design •

RTP EDF ltd - finished logo


• Superman •

first doodle on me iPad


• Layout Design •


• Poster Design •

Preflight robbery - project for a poster based on a news article.

The article was about BA charging a substantial amount for booking where you sit on the plane. My inspiration is from the artwork from ‘Catch Me If You Can’. The large character is running away with the seat, as in the article for 1st class you’re nearly paying for the price of the seat! #ISeeWhatYouDidThere


• Illustration •

Skull sketch for the front cover of my sketchbook, chucked in a few pencils for cross-bones. Oh yes. ;)
… Totally doesn’t look like a chipmunk skull haha