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Photo Set

· pαn the satyr ·

Given a week’s notice he (Pan) wanted a goat man with the words GOD PAN, originally. Changed it to I AM PAN… you’re not Pan.

*I’m not a tattooist… Just a man with a pencil… and some paper. And the internet*

I’d give praise to the tattooist but I don’t know who he is… he is in ‘Merica. That is all I know.


Almost done… Just an idea.


• Owl •

Drawn using paper for iOS
Project for a tattoo.


• Batman logo •

Drawn on the iPad with ‘paper’. Awesome app.


• Superman •

first doodle on me iPad


• Illustration •

Skull sketch for the front cover of my sketchbook, chucked in a few pencils for cross-bones. Oh yes. ;)
… Totally doesn’t look like a chipmunk skull haha


Afternoon sketch. Sure.


Poster for CC Walking Club - Milton Keynes


Enjoy Responsibly. Poster design for a project at University.

The idea behind it is aimed at parents allowing children to ‘sample’ drink at an earlier age so that they don’t get into a drinking problem later in life….. The French do it, it’s fine :p

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